My life is like a palette rich in colors: phthalo blues and greens, cadmium reds and yellows. Splashes of color across a canvas can be invigorating. The interaction of color in small spaces is inviting. Its relationship as it pushes and pulls to create a certain mood or feeling stimulates me. Though subtlety has its place, the boldness and richness of color is intriguing.

Oil painting is the medium I choose to work with for its amazing ability to manipulate. Each brushstroke has its identity, telling its own story of what it is about to unveil. I love watching the colors bleed into one another. I imagine the form coming to life as the paint overlaps. A texture peeks out from underneath a layer; it shares a hint of a familiar brushstroke. Its movement across the canvas inspires me. I love to peel the layers of my canvas. It can reveal the most intimate arrangement.

I am driven by the endless possibilities of each new canvas and unearthing each of their personalities. The subject matter for these paintings, as well as its composition may appear simplistic. Conversely, each composition is a magnified labyrinth. The focus of each painting is to reconnect the story and its qualities with paint, color and its relationships, brushstroke, and process.

lively brushstrokes

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harmonious colors

playful paintings

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