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Welcome to the Lively Brush Online Gallery and Store!  We’ve listed some of the pieces we have available for sale. All prices include free standard shipping.  Please check out my gallery for a full listing of works of art.

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Should Paypal not be the way which works best for you, please contact me.  I accept cash, check or charge.  All credit cards excepted.

Shimmering delight
Shimmering Delight-SOLD


Playful Beginnings
Shimmering Delight SOLD


Freedom-Mediterranean Landscape

16"x20" Oil on upstretched canvas


Inviting the Wild
Inviting the Wild Oil on Board 10”x16”” 2017 SOLD

Crimson Veil
Crimson Veil Oil on Canvas 9”x12″ 2017 $150

Crimson Veil Oil on Canvas 9″x12”



Callosa Oil on Canvas 3’x4’ 1995-2017


Brilliant Shades
Brilliant Shades Oil on Board 13.5×18.5” 2017 $300



Brilliant Shades Oil on Board 13.5×18.5”




Rose Garden
Rose Garden SOLD


In the Quiet of the Morning
Oil on Canvas 18×24 2017 $400



Oil on Canvas 18×24

In the Quiet of the Morning I am grounded in the earth like a tree, embodied in the woodland. Like many, my bark is engrained with your stories. I grow slowly but strong as I collect history. I stand alone but I am not lonely. I’m never too far away from the others and our branches touch and oscillate to and fro. I am the canopy of protection as I sway in the breeze. A narrative exchange in the wind, like quiet whispers of a child. A sacred ritual to release the deep impressions on my torso. 2017


Mind Works Oil on Canvas 18”x24” 2017 SOLD

Sunset Tea
Oil painting on canvas paper 2017 $150



Sunset Tea



Colorado Calling
Oil on Board 18″ x 18″ 2017


2016 Oil on board $200



Oil on board




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