SOLDFigures in Insipient light


June 2017


March 2017

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Art of Ellen Sweetman

All  works will be updated and posted on my site after the Gallery Pop-up.  Come see the work in person on May 7th before I post online.  Check my events page for details.


Fusing my past with my present inspired this portfolio.   In this process of painting for myself, I started by painting outside (plein air) and working on still life compositions. I then concentrated on where I left off (over 20 years ago) and started playing.  Most of the paintings are brought to life from old sketches.

This body of work painted from 2014 to date, represents old ideas from my sketchbooks that took on an evolution on their own. As each painting took a step forward I too I made new discoveries about who I really am.

I concentrated on the interdependent connections between human systems and landscapes. I am attracted to the element of line and color relationships. I love creating movement on my canvas. Lines that are expressive and playful-whether using color, line or negative space produces a kinetic and energizing sensation. I have recently been introduced to a number of women Abstract Expressionists and I have a new -found interest in Fractal Patterning.   Continued exploration of these curiosities with a more investigative approach felt like a natural starting point.



still life









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