Heartful Play

Book a one hour session with me. No experience necessary. My practice is pragmatic, fun, respectful of your lived experience and grounded in evidence-based research. We can meet in person or online (Skype or Zoom) for  most sessions.

Dates offered for set up after purchase.

Gift certificate available.


Reading from the Great Beyond

Open your heart to tap into your own wisdom. Join me on a journey of love and light. Have a personal reading from me to find out what mystical energy surrounds you at this moment in time and the messages that bring clarity to your life. Details: On February 15-21, 2020 I will be doing personal readings and creating gifts of artwork with intention and love. What that means: I will create sacred space in your name along with any messages or questions you might have to harness what the universe wishes to shine upon you. The artwork will be gifts the universe has for you. On February 22, from 9:00AM – 3:00 PM I will be delivering each private message by phone, zoom, or in person. Sign up here to schedule your time on the new moon of February 22nd, 2020. Artwork includes: a ceremony-photos of gratitude ceremony, an ink drawing, a collage, or a small painting (anywhere between 3×3 to 5×7). Your individual reading will inspire not only the size of your artwork, but the way in which it will be created. Space is limited. The cost of the reading includes: – 1 hour session creating artwork which I perform alone – A 20-minute private reading with you – Delivery. Postage for mailing your magical creation. Process: Once the payment comes through, I am alerted with an email. I will then connect with you, get your name and messages or questions you may have and set up a time on the 22nd for your reading. Thank you for allowing me to channel your energy and unearth the mysteries within. In gratitude and love, Ellen



Color your heart- 1 hour session

This session is all about color. Learning how colors can help nurture and heal our hearts as well as help us communicate what we are feeling. We will mix and learn about how to elevate the use of color in our projects.



Meditation and Art session

Come take a deep breath and play for an hour! This guided play time welcomes anyone to take a pause and connect with their inner creativity. We will be exploring art as a process rather than a product, using watercolor and other drawing materials. This class will have light meditation along with guided play. There will be moments of silent examination to respond to the materials at hand. Sharing is not required. The main focus is creating parallel together in a safe environment.



Healing HeART session – one hour

Are you seeking something a bit deeper than simply an art class?  Have you been wondering who you are in relation to your inner artist?  Have you always wanted to try a new medium? Join Ellen as she takes you on a creative journey of freeing your inner artist!  This beginner course is about awakening, stirring deeply in order to heal, letting go of your inner critic, and letting your intuition and imagination guide you.  This session is for individuals wanting to work through a problem and processing through art.



Goddess session 1 hour

Find your inner Goddess. Spend one hour discovering your magic and creative voice. We spend the hour telling stories, celebrating and painting.


There is space for you at my table and all the parts of you are welcome.