Welcome to the Lively Brush Online Gallery and Store!  I’ve listed some of the pieces available for sale. All prices include free standard shipping.  Please check out my gallery for a full listing of works of art.

To purchase, simply click the “PayPal” button below the painting and pay via PayPal. I’ll contact you via email to arrange for shipping or pickup.

Please call me or email me if you have any additional questions about any work of art. I am available to open up my studio or deliver a piece for viewing.

Should Paypal not be the way which works best for you, please contact me.  I accept cash, check or charge.  All credit cards excepted.  I also can accommodate with payment plans.

Papa Time, 2019 Oil on Board – Request Pricing
Harlequin, 2019 Oil on Canvas 3’x4′ -Request Pricing
Beautiful Journey Home -Request Pricing
Certainty 2019 5’x3′ -Request Pricing
Mother's Bounty
Mother’s Bounty -Request Pricing
Giving without Measure, 2018
Giving without Measure, 2018 30″x30″ Oil on Canvas -Request Pricing
Full moon and tree
Winter Moon -Request Pricing

-Request Pricing

-Request Pricing

-Request Pricing

-Request Pricing

Crimson Veil
Crimson Veil Oil on Canvas 9”x12″ 2017

-Request Pricing

Sunset Tea
Oil painting on canvas paper 2017 -Request Pricing


2016 Oil on board -Request Pricing

Labradorite Oil on Canvas Paper 12″x16″ -Request Pricing
Amazonite Oil on Canvas Paper 12″x16″ -Request Pricing


Tigers Eye
Tigers Eye Oil on Canvas Paper 12″x16″ -Request Pricing


Recently Sold Works


Colorado Calling               Rose Garden

                Brilliant Shades    Shimmering delight

Callosa      Inviting the Wild  Playful Beginnings




Payment plans available on all artwork.  Contact to discuss.