Mindful Creativity Sessions

Thoughtful journeys, accessing your fundamental right of being human through play, curiosity, warmth and listening (space of loving presence). To witness, be seen, acknowledge, and  digest.  A pause, a ritual, self reflections to re-turn and re-member.

Returning to oneself with compassion and kindness. Stepping into wholeness to claim your own truth.  Making connections with your breath and your body.  Tapping your own wisdom and seeing how all your gifts heartfully provide a pathway to what you are seeking and already know.

I believe in a BIPOC centered, queer loving, urban and rural village for retreating where individuals find support on their journey to improve mental, physical, and spiritual wellness while building community.




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Come take a deep breath and find your way!img_5613

Contact me to discuss details and set up a session.  I work in nature, in home, in studio, online, and in any space calling to you.  Sessions are typically 2 hours for individuals and 3 hours for groups.  In person, I provide the supplies.  Online I guide you to the tools calling your heart.  We work in a multitude of media.

My offerings are quilted in creativity and mindfulness around creative depth art making, drumming, kundalini, and personal, intergenerational and collective trauma.   Personal areas in my journey include mixed race identity, motherloss, physical and sexual trauma, dreams, parts of self, shadow work, goddess archetypes, emotional literacy, values, rage, and respite care.

What I offer as a Creative Depth Coach

Guiding you into your own naming and claiming power to awaken your authentic truth for healing through creative play.

Identifying inner structures, unpacking, processing and shedding what doesn’t belong or serve us, building of resources-what is happening, what has happened, engage in discovery, recovery and truth telling in our bodies.

Using our undiscovered and known creative gifts safely.

I use the Meditative, Playful, and Narrative Process.  Using image, symbol and visual storytelling is a valuable and powerful tool for understanding root stories and unconscious beliefs, while accessing new information to support restorative healing.

Narrative Coaching offers a specific approach to guiding process and tracking awareness and experience. This client led approach offers a client space to unfold their experience, as the coach assists a client in creating a living language.

I am also an Art Guide

For working artists discovering a new medium, elevating their medium, or putting together a portfolio.

For creatives discovering new ways to make art-perfect for those whose narrative has been, “I can’t draw or paint or I am not an artist”.


The scope of my practices center around:

Client empowerment. Using individuals’ strengths to empower them in the development of their journey
Choice. Informing clients of their options so they can choose the what they prefer
Collaboration. A tripod of care with other wellness professionals
Safety. Care settings and activities that ensure clients physical and emotional safety
Trust. Creating clear expectations around care, agreements, and confidentiality.