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The Seated Dance for Today

Burning lights in the desert, such a sight only I know

I know, I know what I am chasing

I know, I know that I am changing

You say you want to seek the truth

Take a look I painted my face grey

Young one turn your heart toward the sun

I hang you like this

My body is cut wide open

It tortures me to move my hands

It’s torture but I’m almost there

Promising light

She deals the cards as a mediation

One with my head, my soul, my memories to find the answer

A hidden law of a probable outcome

Wasted and wounded, no one speaks English

And everything is broken

And my strength is soaking away

Bird in the hand, insurgence began and you missed it

Tiger run around the tree, let’s begin again

Heaven is yours where I live

And it’s far

It’s so dark

Car Jamming

This body’s in the ice box

It was the only accidental kindness

Hey girl, I see you

Hey girl, tussling in the waves

Looking for you in this young girls eyes

The fear I had yet outrun

I’m a stranger to my nature

I left the seeds of a memory

Did I come to far?

Yo, drop it!

Let’s get together.

Well-written topic broken down into pieces

Two people both equal

Respect demanded and get flown around the planet

Makes you pass into a dream

A beautiful calling

Nothing else matters

Dawn is a feeling

No future fears, I spread my wings

This day will last ten thousand years, if you want it to

Really, Love!


-Ellen Moonfire Circle

A compilation, songs placed in front of me today