The Art of Transformation

Are you swirling into new awareness?

Are you ready to experience some big changes?

Art is a tool of transformation and catalyst for change. Through my experience as an artist, mother, leader and lover of life there is nothing more profound than using art of all kinds to explore ones own inner landscape, deep diving and transforming old wounds, invites us to move into resilience.

I am dedicated to serving my communities and world, through fostering art as a tool of transformation.  We all need safe spaces to rest, wander, hear our own wisdom, surrender to inner knowing when there is so much noise. 

I too am a student of suffering and find where my own stories will stop me in my tracks, have discovered through years of learning and creative connection that depth exploration will lead me to a new edge where healing and growth is not only possible but initiated as conscious healing .

My work over the years has defined me as an artist, coach and mentor, but I also bring a lifetime of insight and experience to group workshops and individual offerings.

Creative depth coaching is offered with intention to guide you to discover your own inner resources that activate healing.  Art is Medicine and we each hold the key to unlock our own inner expression.  It is that path that calls me to offer this work to you.

Seek the image energy that is offered here in this space. Be willing to enter deep into the forest of your life.

I send loving energy to all who roam here.



The name livelybrush came from finding my voice in the world with my brush of creativity.  My paintings are a reflection of many journeys, becoming vulnerable, and wanting to invite others to share in my liveliness.  They are a glimpse into my explorations, an experience and wonder of color and line, where brushstrokes tell stories, where discoveries are embraced and confinement liberated.

My community is for individual collectors, designers, and anyone wanting to learn more about connections to their own journey through art.

Blog can be found here.