Creatively Healing with Ellen


I guide and empower individuals and collectives worldwide on their continuous healing journey by offering art as process, expressive curiosity, and transformative process depth coaching.  Our time together creates the fodder for developing your own creative pathways, tapping your own wisdom, and embracing wholeness.

What I Offer as a Creative Depth Coach and Art Guide

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1-on-1 Sessions

In one-on-one sessions, I partner with you bringing in various media to guide your healing journey. Sessions are approximately 2 hours.

Group Sessions

In group sessions, we partner in community with different media and explorations in our healing journey. Sessions are approximately 3 hours, 10 to 20 people.


I am available to provide creative supplies and healing services on your unique retreat. Please contact me so we can create what will suit you and your community.

Ritual, Rest and Recovery

Discover ways to bring your creative moments outside and turn your practice into ritual.

Art for Purchase

Whether a completed work of art captures your heart or you want something just for you. I do studio visits to purchase existing artwork or create a commission work of art.


Looking for something else? Please email me at and we can create something to meet your needs.

As a Creative Depth Coach:

I guide you into your own naming and claiming power to awaken your authentic truth for healing through creative play.

Together, we identify inner structures, unpacking, processing and shedding what no longer serves us, building of resources-what is happening, what has happened, engage in discovery, recovery and truth telling in our bodies.

As an Art Guide:

I offer working artists guidance in discovering a new medium, elevating their medium, or putting together a portfolio.

I work with creatives discovering new ways to make art-perfect for those whose narrative has been, “I can’t draw or paint or I am not an artist”.

My Practices Center:

  • Client Empowerment: Focus on individuals’ strengths to empower you in the development of your journey.
  • Choice: I inform clients of their options so you can choose what they prefer.
  • Collaboration: A tripod of care with other wellness professionals.
  • Safety: Care settings and activities to ensure each clients discovery of their physical, spiritual and emotional safety.
  • Trust: We create clear expectations around care, agreements, and confidentiality.

I believe in a BIPOC centered, queer loving, urban and rural village for retreating where individuals find support on their journey to improve mental, physical, and spiritual wellness while building community.

Artwork for sale

The name livelybrush came from finding my voice in the world with my brush of creativity.  My paintings are a reflection of many journeys, becoming vulnerable, and wanting to invite others to share in my liveliness.  They are a glimpse into my explorations, my experience and wonder of color and line, where brushstrokes tell stories, where discoveries are embraced and confinement liberated.

About Me

My name is Ellen. I am an Artist, Creative Healer, entrepreneur, and mama to four beings. My calling is channeling, investigating, and embracing the qualities of emotion. I wish to guide individuals and communities to self discovery through a creative healing process.

More About Me

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From the lands of Mdewakanton to Wahpekute land in Minnetonka, Minnesota. I honor this soil that have been stewarded and held sovereign by the multinational indigenous relatives who are tied to these sacred lands. I honor and acknowledge the history of those who were stolen and made to flee due to colonization, genocide and war.