The Art of Ellen

There is healing currently taking place.

I’ve decided to keep this space open for others to connect, find comfort, inspiration, and see my process with as much real time happenings as I am able.  Currently, I am swirling into big changes.  Deep diving into my own wounds and moving into resilience so that I may better serve my communities and world.  In order for that to take place I needed to rest, wander, hear my wisdom oracle, surrender to my inner knowing and answer the call.  I am a student of suffering, creative depth explorations, and conscious healing. My business is one of the heart and creating with intention to heal.  I know art is medicine and we each hold the key to unlock our own inner artist.  It is that path that calls me deep into the forest.

The fate of this website is not yet determined.  The sacred space of my blog is where I have been and where I will continue to stay current.  I send loving energy to all who roam here seeking change, connection, and warm hugs. My inner landscape is changing most rapidly during these radical times as I discover my  new place in the Great Composition of life.

It is with so much gratitude I welcome you to my circle!


Blog can be found here.

I  create to spread the power of playfulness, beauty, and pleasure by connecting people to real art. I create artwork to tell stories and inspire others.

My business is to channel, investigate, and embrace the qualities of emotion.  I believe in magnifying our personal environments with soulful art.  I am interested in creating a discussion on a multitude of levels.  I wish to provide our communities with an experience of new discoveries in order to enhance our values and contribute to a better world.