About Me

I am an artist tapping into mindful creativity to heal my world by emulating wholehearted wellness while guiding and leading others to find their way. I am a multiracial, cisgendered female, in brown skin that has four seasons. My multiraciality is rooted in the AfroMexicanIndigenous diaspora.


To guide and empower individuals on healing journey with their own creativity, language and resourcing that leads to deeper wisdom and wholeness while building community.


I guide and support people on their journey of continuous healing 1-on-1, in group sessions, and on retreats through narrative process, guided meditations, and commissioned works.

I believe:

● Healing is a continuous journey

● Rest is natural and necessary

● Playfulness and creativity lives within each of us

My Eclectic Wisdom along with compassion and empathy guides me towards continuous transformation, connection and cultivated health.


In 2018 something began to change, to shift.  There was a sense of urgency and the only thing being offered was to work harder, continue at a faster pace, and make more.  But something in my creative heart knew this was no longer the way.

I am an experienced student of suffering, creative depth explorations, and mindfulness. My first language is making marks, texture, color, emotion and movement.  Art is medicine and sustenance which creates pathways to a liberated life.  It is that path that calls me deep into the forest beyond what needs to be taught or learned from others.  Tapping into my own wisdom and seeing how my natural gifts heartfully provide a trail to what I seek and already know as my truth, opens a gateway into curiosity and trust.

Thoughtful journeys, accessing the fundamental rights of being human through play, wonder, warmth and deep listening in spaces of loving presence, I honor process to move beyond the bounds. It’s in the messiness and murky waters where healing can begin and resilience is possible.  Listening and leaning in brings possibility. Creative moments shine light on the narrative with compassion and grace allowing pain to surface and metabolize. 

With a pause, ritual, self-reflections I step into wholeness to claim my parts of self.  I have been creating my entire life and my art goes beyond one medium.  I enjoy the artful dance of creation and some of my work can be captured in nature, a variety of media, movement, ritual, drumming, and writing. My personal visual artwork briefly shares part of my journey around trauma, mixed race, identity and the agency to name and claim.

Where do I go when when I want to heal in a new way?  If you are wondering this same question, join me on your own quest to find the way.