Propelling Authenticity

Sentinel, 2017- SOLD

The Gallery Pop-Up was another huge success.  First time in about 10 years I ran with a group.  We met about 6 months ago.  I chose these individuals to do a show in my home.  The preparation was more extensive, contained legitimate documentation and had actual deadlines…which we met for the most part.  I was so proud of us.  Another achievement that makes my heart sing.

As the house gets put back in order and the artwork delivered, I sit in my studio and wonder what is next for me.  It’s a big question.  I find myself at this crossroads a great deal.  I am grateful for the excitement of the day, the support of friends, family and new clients, and the artwork that surrounds me in my space.  I am confident and inspired as I cure my emotional hangover with new work and new connections.  I take out another canvas and decide that no matter my direction it must begin with painting.  Painting will allow me to look at the bigger picture, process all lessons learned and open my awareness to new opportunities.

Thank you to all that participated in these past months.  As I catapult into the next stage, I bring you all with me; motivating, guiding, and encouraging me to stand strong and believe in the journey.  This painting above shares in my vision and my ability to absorb this experience and utilize it for validation and progress.



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