Panel Discussion at Excelsior Library

Brilliant Shades
Brilliant Shades, Oil on Board 13.5″x 18.5”

Springstep Collective

Artist group in Minnetonka, Excelsior Area

Panel Discussion at Excelsior Library

October 11, 2017

MINNETONKA, MN – Individual local artists came together in December 2016 to enhance the business side of their art experience.  The artists connected at the Excelsior Library, MN while taking business classes for artists.  The classes taught how to start, maintain and enhance many career oriented aspects of running one’s own business.  These five artists decided afterwards that collaborating while exercising what they learned would be beneficial.  They had a successful art show in May of 2017.  Now they support one another’s endeavors and are returning to the library on October 28th, 2017 for a panel discussion for other artists attending the same business classes they did one year ago. Artists include: Ellen Sweetman, Pieter Maas, Missy Moore, Steve Holzgreafe, and Diane Pearson.

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