First Artwork of 2018 Epiphany Gallery, Excelsior, MN.

IMG_1165      IMG_1151     Sweetman_6

A new body of work to pay homage to my journey, celebrate the art of my story, and to further explore cellular memory as well as symbiotic relationships between landscapes, humans and our cultures.  The launch of this series includes 13 original oil paintings. Inspired by my fascination and wonder of all things in nature, the connectedness to my surroundings, the journey of my DNA, and the rituals encompassing my spirituality.

Thank you Mary Babcock for inviting me into the gallery, organizing the art exhibit, and curating the space with me. I am grateful for the opportunity to share this body of work with Mount Calvary Lutheran Church and its community.


I see my face in your face

A reflection so familiar
As the blood travels my veins

I do remember
All the places I’ve lived, the languages learned.

I feel the miles traveled to survive, protect, trade, conquer, enslave, and fall in love

Weaving the cultural tapestries into beautiful landscapes

My eyes become relationship and connectedness of self

To all that have come before, to all that is around, and to what will eventually be

Mined like precious stones

Arousal, consciousness, clarity

Reshape the ethnic patterns of my heart

Joyful, sorrowful, glorious, luminous; all dancing

On my mirror of evolution and brightness

Shame eroded, peeled, unraveled

In the waves of my beating heart

And I begin to know me

~Ellen Sweetman 2018


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