Celebrating Women

Dear Georgia
Dear Georgia, 2018 Oil on Paper 14″x16″ $300

This month I’m learning about women painters of the 20th century.  As I walk in their paths (as much as our historical documentation allows me), I am reminded of my own journey, how I’ve arrived to this new place of wonder, strength, and workmanship.  I am forever evolving like my predecessors.  I will continue to explore, share, and forge new trails for our descendants which contribute to the footprint I wish to leave in my world.

Today,  I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the cultural, social, economic, and political achievements of women in our world.  I am honored and proud to be a part of our strong communities.  To all that have supported, fought, protested, celebrated and united for change in our world and to those that continue to do so, I praise each and everyone of you.

Thank you,


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