Playing and Drumming with a Friend

Making art together is such an incredible experience.  I forget how powerful and impactful it is to designate time to play next to someone.  Like two toddlers side by side with our own magical powers.  I recently had an experience with @christymjohnsonart where we played together while listening to drumming.  No talking or visiting, just total consumption and immersion in our own art making.  Each of us had our own media and we played side by side.  After 45 minutes of uninterrupted, uncensored, unbiased play we wrote for 15 minutes in the exact same way. When our playing had quieted we shared what we created.  And in the loveliest and most unexpected way we ended our brief journey with nothing more than a “thank you”.


Sunset rising, trees protecting, bison look like boulders, water flowing, leaves dancing

Clouds all in a row, grasslike sun rays, birds feet pitter patter

Hands clapping around the sun, blue orbs

Sunbursts in the sky, magenta streaks bursting like flowers on a hillside

Caterpillar crawling across the mountain top

Waves raining on the earth

Sandstone reaching toward the sky

Eyelashes batting open to rainbow colors sharing space

Birds flying together


Sun fading in the grass

Purple tye-dyes floating, joining the pack

Wild animals hiding in the grass

Green shadows falling behind the mountains

Orange colors swirl, yellow moves around and around, lined up like marbles

Little sun all alone

Dark green mud shadows the earth

Blue sky rolls like waves of water

Vertical green lines cover the foreground

Brown hands circling with signs of peace.






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