Solo Gallery Show at Vine Arts Center


Minneapolis, MN—June 1 through June 28th, 2019—The Vine Arts Gallery and livelybrush, LLC. are pleased to present a solo exhibition of work by native-born Minnesota artist, Ellen Sweetman (Minnetonka).

The show is titled:


4Gotten Parts of the Whole

Connected passages

Eyes Wide open

Embracing Rebirth

A nine-month journey into the mind and experience of artist Ellen Sweetman. Honoring and embracing the art process, challenges associated with thinking, and leading with intention, the artist pioneers difficult pathways to a brighter homecoming. Sweetman dismantles her layered identity, old belief systems, and education, and ideas behind acceptance. Utilizing all the tools in her toolbox, she unlearns and begins anew. Discovering her own unique process of creation and becoming reborn in art.

The gallery is open Thursdays 5:30pm – 6:45pm and Saturday 11:00am – 5:00pm. Please verify gallery summer hours before visiting.

An artist reception will be held on June 1st from 6-9 PM. Please join us in celebrating art, our community and making new connections.

Published: Monday, February 4th, 2019 – 10:16


This show highlights an artist’s journey for the last 9 months. Coinciding with a gestational period of a human life, Ellen investigated the conceptual and visual components that outline all the parts of who we think we are and where truth is held. The works of art presented are influenced by personal journey to the here and now, the vibrations of the collective, and the compulsive narrative.

Each work of art pays homage to different part of Herstory. They honor process, new beginnings and above all the media in which her hands wanted to work. They are the products of challenging the sources of thinking (what is suppose to be and what is) and trusting the feelings within. This exhibition will embrace awareness and honor the influences and intuitive source from which it came/ when creation took place.

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