Artfully Awakening the Soul

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Shedding light on the intersections of my life and removing the masks that hold secrets I found spaciousness and room for healing.

Harnessing energy from the dust of my bones,

Rivers of blood that flow in my veins and give life,

Mountains of clay and stone that ground me to my roots.

Feathers that float in the breeze of every breath,

Sunlight that lands softly on my hair

The forest and its gifts of strength in my hands

Tears of joy that cascade from the sky and cleanse my perspective

Moonlit path of my heart, the beat of my drum giving life to my voice, the fire in my belly and the stars in my eyes that reflect the heavens,

I express my eternal gratitude for all your offerings.

Lined with connectedness and purpose

Wrapping my arms around my awareness with compassion and love.


Warm forgiveness.

Journeying, finding, seeking, listening, weaving


Blessings to all

I face forward.

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